The residential projects in Kolkata hold tremendous and unique appeal due to several factors. Firstly, the city’s real estate market offers a good mix of traditional and modern architecture, blending heritage with contemporary design elements.


This fusion creates homes that are aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable.


Secondly, Kolkata’s real estate market is known for its affordability compared to other major cities in India. You can find options that suit different budgets without compromising quality or amenities.


This affordability factor has attracted residents and investors looking for value for their money. According to an article published in the Economic Times of India, real estate in Kolkata marked a healthy 20 percent growth year-on-year (YoY).


Why Choose Kolkata for Your Residential Needs?


Lifestyle and cultural richness


It is a cradle of Indian nationalism known for its vibrant cultural scene, historical landmarks, and artistic legacy. India’s citizens have made significant efforts to preserve Indian culture and civilization, blending Eastern and Western cultural influences.


As a result, the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Bengal Literary Society, and Academy of Fine Arts were formed. With its rich cultural life, the city offer’s music, art, dance, and festivals, making it an ideal place to live.


Economic growth and opportunities



There is a significant economic revitalization in Kolkata due to IT, real estate, and infrastructure development. Due to the expansion of the IT sector and expected investments worth US$300 million, the city’s economy is growing rapidly.


The city’s GDP is expected to reach $160 billion (PPP) by 2022, making it the third largest in India. As the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is expected to have a GSDP of Rs 17.13 trillion ($221.39 billion) in FY 2022-23, highlighting its economic influence.


With its growth, Kolkata offers many business and employment opportunities.


Connectivity and infrastructure


The city’s infrastructure and connectivity are being improved, making it more accessible and livable. The city’s first underwater metro line is a testament to its efforts to enhance urban mobility.


As part of the East-West Metro corridor, this project promises to redefine Kolkata’s commute. Kolkata’s strategic location, transportation infrastructure, economic trends, and warehousing demand make it a key hub for investors and businesses.


You can easily enter Kolkata, and it is by air, road, rail, and the Kolkata port.


Real Estate Trends in Kolkata


Increase in Registrations: Kolkata has seen a 79% increase in the registration of residential properties.

Stamp Duty Reduction: The government’s reduction in stamp duty and circle rates has increased property registrations.

Sales Growth: Sales have nearly doubled in a year, indicating a robust demand for residential properties.

Inventory Reduction: High sales have decreased unsold inventory, which was previously a concern for builders.


Upcoming Residential Projects


Bangur Avenue, Kolkata


Bangur Avenue in Kolkata is a sought-after residential area offering various housing options, including apartments and independent houses. The locality boasts good connectivity, essential amenities, and proximity to significant hotspots.


You can check out our project, “SHLOKH,” located in Block – C, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, is a G+6 development nearing completion, offering modern living spaces with a high level of convenience near Bangur Super Market.


132, located in Block – A, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, is an under-construction Ground+8 development with two distinct flats on each floor, providing modern living spaces designed for various needs. It is a prime location close to schools, hospitals, and entertainment hubs.


Property prices in Bangur Avenue are relatively affordable, making it an attractive choice for buyers looking for a well-connected and comfortable living environment.


New Town, Kolkata


The area is well-connected to the central city of Kolkata by road and rail, making it an attractive choice for young couples and nuclear families.


Flats in New Town, Kolkata are available at attractive rates compared to other parts of Kolkata, providing spacious and comfortable living options for buyers with different budgets.


Property Prices


Bangur Avenue


The starting price of properties in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, is approximately ₹49.00 lacs, with an average price of ₹78.13 lacs.


On the other hand, properties on Bangur Avenue start at approximately Rs. 5,429 per sq ft, with an average price of Rs. 5,930 per sq ft. These sources provide insights into the property rates in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, providing potential buyers with valuable information to make informed decisions.


New Town


New Town property prices depend on its type and location within the city. It typically costs between ₹6,000 and ₹9,000. In New Town, the average flat rate is approximately ₹ 7,200 per square foot, with 1 BHK flats between ₹2,050,000 and ₹3,700,000, 2 BHK flats between ₹4,657,500 and ₹9,000,000, and 3 BHK flats around ₹7,200. In this neighborhood, you can find apartments, building floors, villas, and plots catering to various budgets.


Why choose Bangur Avenue?


The facilities near Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, include shopping centers, healthcare centers, schools, and banks. These amenities contribute to this area’s convenience and quality of life by providing residents with easy access to goods and services.


Some notable facilities near Bangur Avenue are:


  • Shopping Centers: Diamond Plaza, Baguiati Market Complex, Vishal Mega Mart, X-Change, and Diamond Plaza are some shopping malls in Kolkata.
  • Healthcare Centers: Healthcare centers and nearby hospitals provide medical services to residents, such as MEDICARE multispeciality clinics, City Medical Centre, Bangur Medical Center, etc.
  • Schools: Several schools in and around the locality serve the educational needs of residents, such as APOLLO ANGEL, St. Mary’s & Jesus School, Blooming Bud School, and Kidzee Preschool in Bangur (Dum Dum Park).
  • Banks: The banks near Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, include State Bank of India Bangur Avenue (BANGUR TOWNSHIP), Karur Vysya Bank Bangur Avenue Branch, Bank Of Baroda, ICICI Bank Kolkata Bangur Avenue, and Bank of India – Bangur Avenue Branch.
  • Fitness Centers: Sparta Fitness Center, Flex-Fit Gym, 90 Degree Gym, AV’s Fitness Studio, and Dansation The Dance and Fitness Hub.
  • Famous Landmarks: The Bangur Avenue locality is home to several landmarks, including the Statue of Vivekananda, Krishnapur’s Prelude, the Statue of Dr. Pabitra Mohan Roy, and Bangur Kali Bari.

Bangur Avenue’s many facilities make it a perfect and well-rounded residential area.

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