Listings of Apartments for Sale in Kolkata


Luxurious Residential Experience at 138, Block – A, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata

Apartments for Sale in Kolkata

Proposed Elevation Plan

138, Block – A in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, offers a luxurious residential experience with a G plus 9 building that embodies sophistication and quality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this architectural marvel blends aesthetics, functionality, and convenience seamlessly.

  • Flat A: Total Area is 2132 Square Feet.
  • Flat B: Total Area is 2147 Square Feet.

Exceptional quality and high durability

 The construction of 138, Block – A reflects unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring every aspect exudes sophistication and durability. Developed by Sremon Construction Private Limited, a renowned name in the industry, this residential gem promises excellence and peace of mind.


Unmatched Features

The property boasts unmatched features, including:

  • Panoramic views from its nine stories
  • Two automatic lifts for convenience
  • Proximity to essential amenities like Bangur Super Market and the airport

Living at 138, Block – A promises a lifestyle of luxury, convenience, and elegance in the heart of Kolkata’s vibrant landscape.


Stunning Accommodations at 258, Block – B, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata


The residential development at 258, Block – B, Bangur Avenue in Kolkata offers a luxurious and contemporary living experience. This project, initiated in 2021 and now completed, presents a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and modern design.


258, Block - B, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata - 700055

Proposed Elevation Plan


Thoughtfully Designed Flats


Residents can choose between two types of thoughtfully designed flats:

  • Flat A: Spacious, 1156 square feet
  • Flat B: Cozy yet elegant 853 square feet

Both flats maximize space and comfort.


Amenities and Features


The project aims to redefine lifestyle standards by providing a range of amenities and features tailored to individual preferences. It is in a prime location in Bangur Avenue. The living spaces are meticulously crafted. 258, Block – B will elevate the living experience for its residents. It offers a perfect balance of style and functionality.


Stylish living at 186, Block – B, Kolkata

The residential development at 186, Block – B in Kolkata offers a luxurious living experience with a blend of elegance and sophistication. This captivating ground plus 6 storied building provides modern living at its finest.


186, Block - B, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata - 700055

Proposed Elevation Plan

Flat A: Opulent Living Space

  • Size: 1277 square feet
  • Designed to cater to every desire, offering opulent living space.

Flat B: Charming Retreat

  • Size: 868 square feet
  • Combines functionality with aesthetics to create a charming retreat.

The project by Sremon Construction Private Limited promises a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a lavish living environment in Kolkata.


How to Choose the Right Apartment ?

Choosing the right apartment involves careful consideration of various aspects that can affect your living quality and financial well-being. Here’s how to navigate the process:


Understanding Different Localities and Their Advantages

  • Research Prominent Areas: Kolkata encompasses diverse localities like Salt Lake, known for its planned layout and IT sector; Bangur Avenue & North Kolkata, famed for its old-world charm and modern amenities; and Rajarhat, noted for its rapid development and new housing projects.
  • Evaluate Connectivity and Transportation: Ensure the locality is well-connected to major parts of the city via metro, buses, and roads to ease your daily commute.
  • Check Safety and Security: Prioritize areas with lower crime rates and good security measures.
  • Identify Amenities: Seek localities with convenient access to essential services such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centers.

Size, Budget, and Amenities to Consider while Choosing an Apartment for Sale in Kolkata

  • Determine the Right Size: Evaluate how much space you need based on your family size, lifestyle, and future plans. Typically, apartments range from 1 BHK to 4 BHK in Kolkata.
  • Fixed Budget: Set a clear budget that includes the cost of the apartment, taxes, maintenance charges, and any immediate renovation costs.
  • Amenities and Facilities:
  • Basic Amenities: Check for reliable water supply, power backup, security systems, parking space, and elevators.
  • Lifestyle Amenities: Many complexes offer swimming pools, gyms, community halls, and play areas, which can significantly enhance your living experience.
  • Future Value: Consider the apartment’s potential for appreciation. A promising locality with planned development can offer good returns on investment.

8 steps for buying apartments anywhere

There are several things and matters to keep in mind when buying an apartment in Kolkata. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you:


  1. Price of Property: The price of the property is a crucial factor that impacts your standard of living. Ensure you find a balance between cost and quality. Understand the different areas like EM Bypass, Bangur Avenue, Dunlop, Rajarhat, etc., and choose based on affordability.
  2. Legal Certification and Documentation: Look into the legal aspects of the property. Ensure the property essential documents like sale deed, completion certificate, and occupancy certificate to avoid legal issues.
  3. Location and Placement: Consider the location carefully, as it significantly affects the property’s value. Evaluate factors like nearby amenities, safety, and health concerns of the area before making a decision.
  4. Credibility of Developer: Research the reputation and experience of the real estate builder. Understanding their past projects and credibility can give you insights into the quality of the apartment and can facilitate loan approvals.
  5. Space and Specifications: Familiarize yourself with the apartment’s features and amenities. Understand the difference between carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area to know exactly what you are paying for.
  6. Quality of Construction: Before finalizing a purchase, review the quality of construction. Examine sample apartments if available, paying attention to flooring, finishing, and overall sturdiness to ensure a well-constructed property.
  7. Future Resale Value: Consider the resale value of the property. Choose projects in popular localities with good connectivity and amenities for a competitive resale value in the future.
  8. Association and Maintenance Rules: Understand the monthly maintenance charges, community rules, and responsibilities of residents to prepare for long-term obligations and management of the property

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