Affordable Flats In Kolkata

Buying your dream home in Kolkata is a milestone in your life. It is not easy to find the most affordable flats in the top localities in Kolkata. The City of Joy is now home to several large businesses and industries. So, many property buyers want to settle in this city to lead the desired lifestyle. That’s why our flats in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata are an exception as it not only provides the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed off, it also manages to not burn a hole in your pocket.

Which is the best place to buy apartments in Kolkata?

Bangur Avenue and other adjacent places are the most strategic locations for property buyers. Dum Dum Airport is very close to our apartments in Bangur Avenue. You can find high-end apartments in 8C, 56B, 138A, and 258B and various locations in Bangur Avenue. The Belgachia metro station and Dum Dum Cant Railway Station are also in close proximity to residential properties in Bangur.

The connectivity through different highways also provides advantages for commuters. Besides, the nearby marketplaces will allow you to shop for daily essentials without a hassle. Shopping malls, hospitals, and parks are also located nearby. So, you will enjoy an urban lifestyle if you invest in an apartment in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata. Everything will be easily accessible to the residents of Bangur Avenue. You can choose between 2 and 3 BHK flats depending on your needs and family size.

Exclusive features of our apartments in Kolkata:

The best affordable flats in Kolkata have thoughtful designs that provide several advantages.

  • South-facing balconies: Most residential property buyers look for apartments with south-facing balconies. On the colder days, you will receive ample sunlight from the southern sun. Besides, your living space will be full of natural light, which is essential for growing indoor plants. As sunlight exposure allows natural heating, the indoor environment will be more comfortable.
  • Ground-level parking space: The availability of parking space is another advantage of buying a well-designed flat in Kolkata. You can keep your vehicle secure in the residential premises. Moreover, as there is a ground-level parking zone, it will be easy to access your car. There is no need to use elevators or ramps for this purpose. Overall, you will get the best experience while residing in the modern apartments in Kolkata.
  • Automatic lifts: All our flats are available with automatic lift facilities to ensure a safe and smooth transition to any storey of the building.
  • Multi-storied buildings: Residential apartment complexes with up to 8 storeys allow you to have a view of the city. You will feel connected to urban environment. What’s more, natural ventilation is another advantage of living in a high-rise apartment because it is essential to make the rooms more comfortable. As Kolkata is a city with varied weather conditions, improved ventilation is important.

You can look for the most affordable and well-constructed flats in Kolkata. The spacious rooms, a well-thought-out layout, accessibility to local businesses and markets, and other amenities draw the attention of several investors. An apartment in the metropolitan area of Bangur Avenue will make your lifestyle different. Although the surrounding environment is calm, you can easily connect with different parts of the city.

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