Roti, kapda, makan, and Internet – these are vital necessities of today’s life.

Home is where the feelings are. It may not be true for most Indians, as 64% of the homeowners reside in rental homes. Most of them are young adults falling in the age group of 25 to 35 years. A few do not have enough money to own a house, and others cannot find cost-effective housing.

However, the trend is changing in the real estate industry. More Indians are making smart investments in low-cost, affordable houses. It is rapidly growing in big cities like Kolkata, where the highest jump of 332% was witnessed in the housing market 2023. Explore the opportunities of a wide selection of affordable flats for in Kolkata that are available.

How is Moderate Cost Housing Developing into an Asset Class in India?

Budget-friendly housing is an ambiguous term in itself. Thus, it must be well-researched and thoroughly analyzed before investing in affordable flats in Kolkata for yourself. Any wrong decision, and be ready to get into the soup.

At Sremon Construction, we prioritize client satisfaction by comprehensively understanding their needs, ensuring optimal value for every invested penny in crafting dream homes.

If you are looking for a low-cost but smart investment in Kolkata, consider Bangur Avenue flats Kolkata. Many reputed builders provide reasonably priced flats within the budget of low and medium-income people. It is an asset for the people who no longer want to pay huge rents. We all know that landlords have created a ripple effect in the country, resulting in a hike of 20% in rentals in the first quarter of 2023.

Strategic Benefits of Purchasing our Affordable Flats in Kolkata

Luxury at Low-Cost: Experience the epitome of comfort, convenience, and luxury when you purchase affordable flats in Kolkata. Every amenity you desire is within reach – well-ventilated rooms, sufficient parking space, outdoor spaces, a children’s park, water and electricity facility, and much more that provides a healthy living environment.

Government Support: Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), almost 34 lakh houses have been constructed in the West Bengal region, and 31% were completed in 2023. The Bangur Avenue flats in Kolkata offer exclusive features while keeping your wallet happy. Moreover, low and middle-income people can benefit from the PMAY schemes by getting a considerable loan or land.

Profitable Rental Opportunities for Buyers: Affordable housing is best for investment, as buyers can purchase these cheap flats for sale in Kolkata. You can sub-let these flats to better-priced tenants and generate a good cash flow.

Comfortable than a Rental Dwelling: Experience independent occupancy with budget-friendly flats in Kolkata. Whether it’s a studio apartment or constructed in a small area, these affordable options provide you freedom and independence, unlike rental houses with restrictions from the house owners.

Excellent Investment Choices: Opt for Affordable Flats in Kolkata

Embrace privacy and a fulfilling lifestyle at a moderate cost without compromising a comfortable living experience. And if you save enough, you always have the option of a better living in the future.

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