Living in a gated community flat is often seen as a prestigious and secure lifestyle choice. However, reality can sometimes show a different picture. Behind shiny buildings and well-designed gardens, residents of these communities often face a wide range of challenges that can ruin the very sense of security they promise.

Imagine waking up one morning to find the gate, meant to be the guardian of your community, hanging wide open. Its locking mechanisms are defective. This failure in security instantly raises concerns about unauthorised access, casting a shadow of suspicion over the entire neighbourhood. Worse still, cases of theft, such as stolen bicycles or personal belongings, serve as alarming reminders that even the most exclusive communities are not immune to security issues. When it comes to standalone buildings, they offer more privacy and independence to take safety measures than a gated community apartment. In this blog we will discuss several factors to consider to make the right choice, and why standalone buildings are a better option.

Benefits and Challenges of Standalone vs Gated Communities

Advantages of Standalone Buildings

A standalone building, also known as an independent house, provides homeowners with a sense of privacy and independence. In standalone buildings, residents have more control over their individual properties and are not subject to community regulations and bylaws often present in gated communities. You are free to park your vehicle anywhere, without worrying that someone in society may steal it.

Advantages of Gated Communities

Gated communities are known for their security features, which include CCTV cameras, gated entrances, and security personnel. Also, gated communities often have things like swimming pools, gyms, and clubs that everyone can use.

Comparison of Maintenance Costs

Gated communities may have higher maintenance charges due to shared facilities and security services, whereas standalone buildings typically have lower maintenance costs. For a month of maintenance charges for an 850 sq ft apartment, may range from Rs 1700 to 3500 or higher, depending on the facilities and services provided. So, that’s approximately 20,000 to 42,000 rupees every year of maintenance cost. Whereas, standalone buildings charge much less compared to gated communities.

Disadvantages of Gated Multi Complexes

Higher Costs

Properties in gated residential areas are usually quoted 10-40% pricier than non-gated properties due to the amenities and security features.

Residents need to pay higher monthly maintenance fees and HOA dues for upkeep of common facilities, security, etc.

Restrictive Rules and Regulations

Gated communities often have many rules residents must follow regarding home modifications, parking, pets, etc. Renovations and projects may take longer due to approvals required from the HOA. Residents have less control and flexibility over their property compared to non-gated homes.

Inconvenient Location and Access Issues

Many gated communities are located in outlying areas, far from downtown amenities, public transport, schools, etc. Guests and delivery personnel face inconveniences with security checks at the gate each time they visit. Residents may find the process of frequent security checks tedious when entering and exiting.

Lack of Diversity and Civic Power

Gated communities tend to be homogeneous in terms of race, socioeconomic status, and political leanings. As private developments, residents have little civic power – the developer makes most of the rules.

False Sense of Security

While gates and security are a deterrent, determined criminals can still find ways to get in. The sense of safety may lead to residents letting their guard down and being less vigilant.

Reduced Privacy and Freedom

Security measures like guards, gate records, and cameras mean residents’ visitors and activities are monitored. Residents may feel they need more privacy and freedom compared to non-gated neighbourhoods.

Things to Consider When the Right Apartment

Property Prices

The property prices in standalone buildings tend to vary based on location and amenities offered. Gated communities, on the other hand, may have higher property prices due to the added security and facilities provided. For example, in New Town, Kolkata, a 3-BHK covering 820 square feet costs 72.6 lakh rupees in a stand-alone setting. On the other hand, a similar 3-BHK with 946 square feet is priced at 1.08 crore rupees within a gated multi-complex in New Town. This big price difference shows how much-gated community amenities and services can affect value.

Amenities Offered

Gated communities often come with a range of luxuries such as landscaped gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, and recreational areas. Standalone buildings may have limited amenities, but offer more privacy and individual property ownership.

Security Features

In standalone buildings, you have more control over security arrangements. You can install automatic doors with cameras, alarm systems, and WIFI monitoring CCTV. Even if you pay for these top-notch features, they will save you 60-70%. This is compared to gated communities, where you pay high maintenance costs every year.

But Gated communities have their security measures managed by the society administration. There is always a complaint of security guards not working or arriving on time, cameras not working, and gate entry authorising unknown people into the buildings.

Gated Community vs Standalone: Which Option Fits Your Lifestyle?

Living Environment and Community Feeling

Gated communities are known for fostering a sense of community among residents, with shared spaces and social events. Standalone buildings offer more privacy and independence, making them suitable for individuals seeking a quieter living environment.

Privacy and Independence

Privacy and independence are key factors when choosing between a gated community and a standalone building. Gated communities offer a close-knit community feel, while standalone buildings give residents autonomy and control over their property.

Location and Accessibility Factors

Regarding location and accessibility, standalone buildings are often found in central locations within cities, providing easy access to amenities and services. Gated communities, however, are usually situated on the outskirts of cities or in suburban areas, offering a quieter and more residential setting.

Choosing the Best option

A standalone building offers several advantages that make it a more appealing choice than a gated community apartment. It provides greater privacy, independence, and control over your property without restrictive rules and regulations.


You have the flexibility to implement security measures tailored to your needs,  at a lower cost compared to the high maintenance fees in gated communities.


Although gated complexes offer a nice feeling of community and shared facilities, the potential drawbacks, such as false security, lack of diversity, and reduced freedom, make standalone buildings a more practical and cost-effective choice for many homebuyers seeking a comfortable and secure living environment on their terms.

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